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What fabrics does Gatsby use?

Pima cotton, because it’s considered the finest cotton in the world, it’s no wonder that farmers were keen to cultivate extra-long staple cotton on American soil. Pima traces its roots to cotton that was grown on the famed Sea Islands of South Carolina as early as the 1790s. Through selective cross-pollination with Egyptian varieties throughout the 19th century, producers developed a uniquely American extra-long staple cotton. This cotton, originally called American-Egyptian cotton, offered an incredibly high-quality fiber that resulted in a luxurious fabric as soft as it was strong. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the U.S. Department of Agricultural got involved, working with the Pima tribe of Arizona to perfect this young crop. It was in honor of these pioneering farmers that the USDA named the American extra-long staple variety “pima cotton.” The 1950s saw great advances in pima seed quality, and innovation on this superior quality crop continues today through the efforts of our pima farmers in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Marino wool: Marino wool from Biella, a northern town in the region of Piedmont has been leading the manufacturing of wool since the 1800s. This is why we go to Italy for the best merino wool available. Since Marino wool is naturally more elastic, it’s often used to make activewear.

Italian Silk: Silk is used when sewing clothes for any season, thanks to the creation of a comfortable temperature regime for the body. Silk products do not absorb odors, do not cause allergies, and always look good. Silk is a “breathable” fabric, providing reliable air permeability. It’s also hygroscopicity, silk absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly. It has the quality of being an exceptional thermoregulation, thanks to which comfort is felt both in winter and in summer. Silk is also high wear resistant, which allows silk products to serve for many years.

Where is the collection made? Is it all Italian?

Our production is strictly Italian. Italy has a production history that dates back to the 11th century, for many centuries. It’s renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, sharp tailoring and luxury designs. Our mission is to produce the highest quality performing garments for your every day life on the course or off..

Why is the jacket unlined?

Just like shoulder padding, lining is considered an unnecessary burden and the Neapolitan tailors keep it as minimal as possible. Usually, the garment is unlined or only half lined. Our garments are a shirt construction with no shoulder and minimal canvas in order to role up with no need or worry about needing to keep on a hanger..

What’s the unique detailing in the polos?

All of our knitwear is Fully fashioned.

In full fashioning, transferring specific loops to adjacent needles to widen or narrow the fabric results in the formation of “fashion marks.” If fashion marks are not formed, the resulting sweater or polo is called a “shaped” garment. Full fashioning provides a better fit and a smoother seam.

If you are unfamiliar to this process, you will see these marks in your sweaters and think they are errors or mistakes but in fact they are marks of craftsmanship and quality.