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Gatsby was born from a time gone by, where the words "golf" and "style" once went hand in hand.

Golfers used to be stylish. Period.

Looking back at old films and photographs we would get nostalgic about a time that is no longer. We’re talking about a game, that, when it originated, players wore three-piece suits.

Envious of the effortlessly cool dress of guys like Palmer and Nicklaus, Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" or Dean Martin and the Rat Pack teeing it up in Palm Springs, we began to look at our synthetic fabric golf wear with disdain.

A time when the words "golf" and "style" were not magnetically opposed.

We created a luxury offering where they can move seamlessly between their worlds of work, sport, and formal wear. After all, these guys, these icons of sport and style, weren’t wearing “golf clothes,” they were just wearing clothes. They exuded an effortless style that looked great no matter what space they chose to occupy.

We wanted to give men a single wardrobe.

We wanted to give men a single wardrobe.

Until Gatsby, the worlds of golf and handmade luxury Italian clothes have never merged. The worlds of golf and style went their separate ways and golfers somehow now are almost always the worst dressed guys in the room. That’s why we created Gatsby.

Sadly, somewhere along the way this all disappeared.

Il segreto della felicità è libertà

Through a passion for golf and an appreciation for handmade luxury Italian clothing, we set out to create a brand that a man can wear seamlessly throughout the world he loves. Welcome to Gatsby.

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