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Striped Pima Cotton T-shirt Sweater in Anthracite/White


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Not only considered one of the most superior blends of cotton, it's also extremely durable and absorbent. Our crew T-shirt sweater is knitted on a sweater machine for durability, strength and natural stretch.

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  • Italian Made

    Cut and stitched by hand for impeccable construction and flawless Neopolitan style.

  • Impeccable Construction

    Uncompromising quality and a dedication to producing garments that are built to last.

  • Flawless Style

    A nod to eras past where what you wore spoke of taste and pride.

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For your life and style. Timeless, precise Italian
craftsmanship made for legendary days to come.


Striped Pima Cotton T-shirt Sweater in Anthracite/White


All Gatsby garments are made mostly using natural fibers, synthetics like elastane or stretch yarns are used solely for water repellence or to add mobility to a garment specific to the use of a sport. Each textile has its own recommended care, which you’ll find listed on the garment tag. In general, you’ll have the most success by avoiding harsh and harmful chemicals or cleansing processes and instead treating items delicately for the longest-lasting, best-looking life of the garment.